Get Your Selection Choices Online For As Little As $25/mo

No more expensive, clunky, programs bloated with confusing features that you don’t need and will never use. Now you can simply put your customer’s selection choices online and let them tell you what they would like in their home.

How to Increase Sales and Make More Money

Engage Prospects & Sell Homes

Prospects and customers check out your available spec homes, included features, and selection choices on your personalized online design center. Their choices are limited to your product offering.

Customers Up-Sell Themselves

Your customers become more emotionally attached as they build their wish list and begin to imagine themselves living in one of your homes. When your customers are informed, they feel confident, and when they feel confident, they buy more!

Increase Your Profitability

Your fully-informed customers will purchase more upgrades, reduce the amount of time you spend during the selections appointment, and save you money with fewer change orders.

Builder Benefits

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A Flexible Tool that Adapts to Your Business’ Needs

No expensive IT resources or experience required

No corporate involvement necessary and no long-term commitment

Works independently of any estimating system, giving you flexibility

We offer turnkey implementations and optional maintenance & support packages

Our pricing fits any builder’s budget.


With HomeBuilder Selections, YOU Can Now Control...

Which products you want the customer to purchase

When products can be selected by your customer with option cut-offs

If special pricing or customizations can be requested and approved

How your policies are communicated so that you set the proper expectations for your customer.

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Your Online Design Center saves you time and money

Save time with shorter selections appointments and fewer changes

Save time by increasing your efficiency

Save money by reducing selections overhead while increasing your profitability with customer wish lists

Customer Benefits

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Prospects Can Preview Your Design Center from Home

New prospective customers can view your design center offering on their own, saving you valuable time. The more a prospect can visualize themselves in one of your homes, the more likely they are to buy one!


Show Spec Home Interiors & Include Features Prior to Completion

Your sales agents and prospects can easily view any spec home’s interior selections and any community’s features – all from the convenience of their home or office! Cross-selling has never been simpler!

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Increase Confidence through Realistic Expectations

You can use your online design center to publicize your policies and procedures. When you set the proper expectations and maintain a consistent message, you increase trust in your brand and reputation.


Customer Wish Lists Save You Time and Increase Your Profits

Your customers can finally view your option pricing, set their own budgets, and explore their choices whenever its convenient for them, and for you! This helps to reduce your design center’s overhead.

Product Gallery

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Your personally branded home page provides access to your prospects and customers.

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Your designers can effortlessly import client wish lists and build selections sheets.

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Selected items can be viewed in an online storyboard.

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Your customers can browse your product offering and add items to their wish list.

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Requests for special pricing can be made for customers and spec homes by your staff.

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Requests for special pricing are processed by your estimators and are accurately communicated to your sales team.

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Real-time business analysis tools help you to better understand trends.

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Discover how customers engage with your products and options.

Affordable Pricing for Every Builder

Your monthly rate will depend on the number of option choices that you offer your customers through Homebuilder Selections. For each job you start, you pay a one-time charge that’s as low as $25/job. If you don’t start a job, you only pay the monthly rate! You can choose to pay us for maintenance (we offer turnkey maintenance plans), or do the maintenance yourself for free.

What a quick online quote? Choose Your Price

Monthly Service Cost

Each month you pay a service fee at a rate of $25 for every 250 option choices you offer.

  • $25/mo for Every 250 Option Choices

One-Time Job Cost

You make a one-time payment for each job you start at your monthly service fee rate.

  • As low as $25 Per Job

Help on Demand

Need help maintaining your options? Ask us about our turnkey maintenance plans.

  • As low as $55/Hr

Choose Your Price

Select from the lists below to see your monthly service cost, job cost, and a rough estimate for your turnkey implementation.